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Simeon Winters

Simeon Winters is one of the central characters in the Injection series by Warren Ellis and Declan Shavley. Other characters in the ensemble cast include Brigid Roth, Maria Kilbride, Robin Morel and Vivek Headland. Winters is invited by Maria Kilbride to join the Cross Cultural Contamination Unit. The mission of the CCCU is simple: to research potential futures and possible effects on humanity. Six months or so passed and it became apparent to the CCCU that the most likely option for the future was one in which it would become a boring and mundane time devoid of inspiration, novelty, and innovation. After deliberation the CCCU decides to act to keep the future interesting. The means by which they decide to achieve this ambitious gambit is to create an artifical intelligence and introduce it, christened the Injection, into the Internet. Each of the CCCU members went their separate ways after the Injection was accomplished but things go awry before long as can happen with best laid plans and all.

Winters attempts to present himself as simply a strategist to CCCU colleague Brigid Roth. Roth has checked out him and the others and is rather unfazed to tell him she knows he’s a secret agent with connections to the British Secret Intelligence Service and Ministry of Defense. Winters becomes aware of an incident in which the Injection attempted to communicate through a laptop with an unsavory individual. An action packed sequence from artist Declan Shalvey illustrates Winters’ strength and determination to retrieve the computer at all costs. Once in hand Simeon contacts Brigid for her help to hack the system.

Winters’ philosophy might well be summed up when he states “Being prepared well in advance is what keeps me alive”. His insight as a strategist leads him to think that he and the rest of the CCCU have been pawns of the Injection well before they think they created it. He thinks of Brigid as his little sister which she finds annoying and is also amazed at the network she’s built in her lair which she named The Foundry.

Simeon Winters first appeared in Injection #1. Ellis provides a glimpse into Winters’ sex life in issue #8 when he is seen naked and lying next Vivek Headland. Winters may be gay, bisexual, pansexual, or something else depending upon reader interpretation as Ellis seems to have sidestepped labels.

This profile is based on Injection volumes 1 and 2 and may be updated in the future.

Simeon Winters was created by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey. Art by Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire from Injection #2.

All rights reserved Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey

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