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Sharon King & Ellen

Writer Charles Soule had hinted at two LGBT characters appearing in his She-Hulk run but the series ended before any revelation was made. Soule took the opportunity to correct this partially in a short She-Hulk story written for the Gwenpool anthology one shot when he had supporting She-Hulk character Sharon King introduce her wife Ellen, who works in the Manhattan D.A.’s office, to Jen Walters at a Christmas party. In her first appearance we learn that King had once been a mutant whose power was lost as a result of the M-Day event. As  a consequence of that change King purchased an office building at 68 Jay Street in Brooklyn’s DUMBO area and began renting to people whose businesses are based on their powers but are unable to find space elsewhere due to insurance concerns. Among her tenants is Jen Walters, who leased office space for her then new law firm.

Sharon has an empathetic personality as seen by her desire to seek out unwanted tenants and go to bat for them. The intersectionality of gender, race, (former) mutant, and sexuality  could make for some interesting character dynamics if the character is ever fleshed out in the hands of a capable writer. King has transitioned to being part of the supporting cast in Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat. Howard the Duck is seen in cameo as a prospective tenant in She-Hulk #12 and may be making an occasional appearance in that series. Another tenant is Spider-Woman. At this point very little is known about Sharon and Ellen’s relationship. We can presume Ellen’s last name is King though this isn’t certain.

King mentioned that she’d attended Xavier’s School and that her power was weather related (“You know Storm? I was more like Drizzle.”) Don’t worry. This part of King’s history is all verbal backstory as the character didn’t appear in any X titles.

Sharon first appeared in She-Hulk #2 (2014) and her sexuality is confirmed in Gwenpool Special #1 (2015). Ellen’s first appearance is in Gwenpool Special #1.

King was created by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido. Art by Langdon Foss and Megan Wilson from Gwenpool Special.

Thanks to Mike McDermott for the information about the Gwenpool story!

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September 23, 2021
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