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Sea Hunter

Contributed by Mike McMermott

Celia became the Sea Hunter when working for AlonTech, a company secretly founded by the queen of a mermaid race known as the Sirenas. Sea Hunter was meant to be the first human warrior in the army for domination of the seas, and they provided her armour and equipment. She is a capable fighter and her suit appears to grant her superhuman strength. She carries a large bladed spear as her primary weapon.

Celia became romantically involved with a Sirena named Carina, which caused a scandal since the Sirenas do not generally take kindly to outsiders, and because Carina was the lover of the Sirenas’ queen before she left her for Celia. Carina and her family were exiled, and her vengeful ex sent the forces of AlonTech after her and Sea Hunter.

Sea Hunter and Carina were eventually able to overthrow the queen with the help of superheroes Wave and Aero of the Agents of Atlas. Sea Hunter had turned to Wave for help since Wave had also been empowered by AlonTech and was being hunted by them to replicate her powers.

Sea Hunter and the Sirenas also returned to assist the Agents of Atlas during their conflict with Namor and Atlantis.

Please read the profiles for Carina and Reyna Sirena.

Sea Hunter first appeared in Aero #3 by Greg Park, Alyssa Wong and Pop Mahn. Art by Pop Mahn and Federico Blee from Aero #3.

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