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Scotty & Br4d

In the world of Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramon’s three D4VE mini series people have created highly intelligent robots to perform labor and other mundane tasks. Over the following decades the robots become more advanced and eventually decide to mount an uprising against their human masters. They succeed in winning by eradicating all of humanity. A lack of intelligent organic life makes Earth a tempting location for various alien cultures, all of whom are defeated by robotic defense forces. Robotic culture stagnates in the long period of peace time which follows. With minor exceptions robotic daily life mimicks that of their long deceased human programmers and includes work, entertainment, and relationships. Take D4ve and S4lly for example. He’s a former war hero who works at a “charge sucking” job and she is the head of a large corporation. They’ve been together for some time and decided to start a family. Without the benefit of human reproduction, robots like D4ve and S4lly simply order a new robot tailored to the their specific desires and tastes. In this case they ordered a robot whose appearance, personality, and temperament approximates a teenaged human boy. His name is Scotty.

Scotty is moody, mouthy, easily bored and, unsurprisingly, has a low opinion of his father. That is until Earth is invaded by aliens intent to make a new home for their queen and Scotty learns his father had been an important war hero and is determined to defeat these aliens despite the President’s decision to surrender. Scotty decides to help his father after D4ve’s old war buddies 3ric and 4d4m, now a couple, refuse to help D4ve. D4ve and Scotty along with S4lly and S4lly’s sister Tin4 are successful despite the odds against them.

A year later and Scotty is a cadet in Earth’s D-Fense Force which has been created with D4ve as its general. Another cadet is a young robot named Br4d who’s struck up a friendship with Scotty. The two young robots have common interests. Br4d is more advanced “emotionally” because he himself comes from a “corrupted” family. During a weekend stayover Br4d helps Scotty sort out his conflicting feelings about his family and himself. Later while lying in bed and playing video games Br4d shows his attraction to Scotty, who is open to the gesture, which leads to some passionate kissing and the beginning of a relationship.

Scotty’s first appearance is in D4VE #1 and Brad first appears in D4VE2 #1. Visuals and dialog throughout the first mini series indicate that Scotty is attracted to female robots. Br4d does not appear to have any interest in female robots before his attraction to Scotty. Considering Ferrier gave the robots gender and relationships that mimic those of humans it seems appropriate to use terms like bisexual and gay to describe Scotty and Br4d respectively. Scotty is on the left in the image.

This profile is based on the first and second D4VE mini series.

Created by Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramon. Art by Valentin Ramon from the cover of D4VE2 #2.

All rights reserved IDW Publishing

September 2, 2021
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