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Scott & Gavin Price

Scott was raised from a young age by his grandfather after his parents died in a car wreck. Gramps may have been estranged from the family as he’s referred to as the kind of relative who only showed up on holidays. Scott quickly bonded with Gramps after learning he was the voice of popular cartoon character “Mr Chimps”. With the onset of puberty Scott discovers an interest in comics and all things geek, a development that irritates Gramps, who keeps nagging Scott to start meeting girls. A rift begins, culminating in Scott leaving to attend college in Eugene, OR.

One night with a full moon, Scott was walking home from work when he found a dying dog on the sidewalk. He reached out to touch it and felt an electrical shock as it took its dying breath. Before reaching home Scott had his first transformation into a were-terrier. Most simply put, writer Chris Roberson describes Scott as a “thrope”, a person infected by the “undersoul” of an animal, periodically taking on the animal’s characteristics. Life wasn’t affected too drastically for Scott. On the one night he changed he simply stayed in at home. Lame excuses provided material for coworkers, best friends and fellow geeks Ashok Patel and Vincent Tan to tease Scott about the idea of being gay. Scott is always at a loss for words at these jokes though he does seem to have fallen in love with Gwen when he sees (and later meets) her at local diner Dixie’s Firehouse. Soon he confides his were secret in both Gwen and her friend Ellie. They’re unfazed and why shouldn’t they be, seeing that Gwen is a zombie and Ellie a ghost.

One day Scott, Ashok, and Vincent are at their comic shop. A blond man (who we later learn is Gavin Price and also Gwen’s brother) approaches Scott about his “Space Captain” shirt. Scott’s happy to talk geek and is intrigued to learn that Gavin draws comics; that he’s an amateur doesn’t matter. Gavin has to run and writes his number on Scott’s hand, insisting that Scott call. Cue ribbing from Ashok and Vincent.

Gavin and Scott finally get together at his house to watch old episodes of the Phantasm. As the marathon ends, Gavin focuses on Scott, who nervously tries to redirect the conversation. Scott relents with a gently reassuring touch and tone of voice from Gavin. In a Comics Alliance interview Roberson mentions how this scene in issue #19 has been building since the series’ beginning.

Scott’s first appearance is in a short story published in House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1 (2009). Gavin Price is first seen in a cameo in iZOMBIE #1. Scott and Gavin’s date takes place in #19. This bio will be updated when I catch up on my iZOMBIE reading. Thanks to François Peneaud for pointing out the above interview to me!

Created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. Art by Michael Allred and Laura Allred.

All rights reserved Monkey Brain Inc and Michael Allred.

September 2, 2021
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