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Saya Ishii

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Saya Ishii is a fashion influencer and tech genius who has recently inherited control of Fujinet, an international tech company founded by her mother. When Saya was sixteen she learned her father is crime lord Silvio Manfredi, better known as the cyborg Silvermane. After graduating university in Japan at the top of her class in robotics, her father brought her to America for a ‘summer internship’ with his crime business.

Although Saya hated her father she was a quick study at his business, and after he was apparently killed she decided to take control of his empire for herself and prove herself better than him. Saya enlisted a Japanese Cat-Demon named Kasha to handle negotiations with rival gangs, and kill any who refused to cooperate.

The violence attracted the attention of the super hero Silk, who was investigating the story in her civilian identity as reporter Cindy Moon. Saya learned Silk’s secret identity and arranged to have her brother, Max, replace Cindy’s regular therapist in order to find out what she knew.

Saya learned that Kasha was betraying her, using her as a means to an end to summon her Demon-God master. Saya confronted Kasha and battled with the Cat Demon with her weaponized drones that she wears disguised as jewelry. Saya’s body generates the energy used to power the drones, which can transform themselves into a variety of different shapes for different uses.

Unable to defeat Kasha alone, Saya turned to Silk for assistance. Saya was attracted to Silk and flirted with her frequently through their team up. After the two of them defeated Kasha and her master, Silk attempted to take Saya into custody but Saya’s hired thugs covered her escape. Saya left behind her scarf as both a taunt and a memento for Cindy.

Saya Ishii first appeared in Silk #1 (2021) by Maureen Goo and Takeshi Miyazawa.

Art by Takeshi Miyazawa and Ian Herring.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment

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