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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Romeo is a teenage Inhuman, one of the so-called “NuHumans” that developed when a cloud of Terrigen Mist was released into Earth’s atmosphere and started transforming regular humans with Inhuman ancestry. He sometimes serves on the crew on the R.I.V. (Royal Inhumans Vehicle), as part of their diplomatic mission travelling the globe providing assistance in the wake of the Terrigen Cloud. Romeo uses his emotional influencing powers to help calm other “NuHumans” who are confused and scared by their Terrigenesis and have violent reactions.

He is self described as an avid climber, a gamer, and a recovering pickpocket–which he still has the skills for if needed, such as when she swiped Bobby Drake’s phone in order to give Bobby his phone number. He also has some experience wrestling, since he joined his high school wrestling team in order to spend time with his first crush. He dropped out of high school after his attempt to display his affection to that crushed backfired disastrously.


Romeo met the time-displaced teen Iceman at a club and the two shared an immediate attraction. They began dating and soon fell in love over the following weeks. Unfortunately Romeo’s name proved all too appropriate as he and Bobby found themselves in a modern day “Romeo and Juliet” story of star-crossed lovers from two feuding houses when the mutants and the Inhumans went to war over the fate of the Terrigen Cloud.

The two chose their love over their people and during an X-Men attack on New Attilan, Iceman found Romeo and the two of them fled together to sit out the conflict.

Their relationship continued happily for a time after the war was over, but at some point Romeo ghosted Bobby and their relationship fell apart. To date it has not been revealed why Romeo broke off the relationship or what his current status is.

Romeo is an empath who can both sense and manipulate the emotions of others. He mostly uses this power to calm new Inhumans who are traumatized after going through Terrigenesis. It is unclear just how much control or influence he is able to exert over someone – but during the X-Men’s attack on New Attilan he was considered a non-combatant, so either his powers are not strong enough for tactical applications or he has not trained to use them in such a way.

Romeo first appeared in Spider-Woman vol.6 #10 by Dennis Hallum and Javier Rodriquez

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May 26, 2020
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