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Romance, Sex & Spandex Collide In A Con Affair

Billed as Heartstopper meets Fellow TravelersA CON AFFAIR is the first prose novel from Joe Glass, and while it might be a whole new medium for him, he doesn’t stray far from the world of comics, superheroes and geekery that he loves. 

Set at comic cons, A Con Affair follows aspiring comic writer Arran and avid cosplayer Cameron as they hook up at a show. Finding a much stronger connection to each other than either had planned, they continue to build on it at comic cons all across the country. But when Arran’s dream career comes calling, can he make both that and his burgeoning relationship with Cameron work? Or will comics tear them apart?

A Con Affair started life as me setting a challenge for myself as a writing exercise: could I write erotica? But not only did I discover that I sure could, the characters and world I built around it took on a life of its own. Obviously I know a great deal about comic cons and the heady and often frustrating turns of the comics industry, and suddenly in Arran and Cameron I had a story that could explore that world as well as ideas of romance, sex, career, and even self-discovery.” – Joe Glass

“This is just the first novel from me, and even though I may be straying from the colourful world of comics creating somewhat, I certainly won’t be leaving fandom, comics and superheroes behind, with future books from me still playing in these fertile grounds.”

A Con Affair is self-published via Amazon KDP, and is available in print and digital editions now! Below are some handy links to the book on Amazon in several marketplaces, and attached is a copy of the book for review and the cover which was designed by Camila Abdanur

Romance, sex and spandex all collide in this romantic drama that considers if love and career can co-exist, or are they always just a crisis waiting to happen.

Arran Wilson is an aspiring comic book writer. Cameron Perkins is an avid cosplayer. When they meet at a London comic con, the pair hit it off immediately, in every sense. As they start hooking up at comic cons all over the country, what at first seemed like a bit of fun starts turning into something more.

Then Arran gets his first major publishing contract. Suddenly, his noisy mind is filled with new concerns. As he gets swamped by all these questions and fears, Arran has to learn if he can have it all: the dream career, the hot lover and romance too. Or is that just as colourful a fiction as the superheroes he writes about…

Paperback: UK / US

Kindle: UK / US

About Joe Glass

Joe is a GLAAD Award winning writer from the deepest, darkest South Wales Valleys in the UK. He is mostly known for his ComiXology Originals, LGBTQ+ superhero series, The Pride (now published in print by Dark Horse Comics as The Pride Omnibus). He’s also the writer behind various self-published and crowdfunded comics work such as Acceptable Losses, Glitter Vipers and The Miracles. He won his GLAAD Award for the m/m romance anthology he co-edited for A Wave Blue WorldYoung Men in Love.

Joe has worked in the past as a comics news reporter and critic and has previously worked with Bleeding Cool, Gay Times, WhatCulture and more. Joe remains a staunch advocate of LGBTQ+ representation in the media.

He lives in Cardiff, Wales writing away at new stories, and is a very soft boy.

February 1, 2024
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