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Contributed by Ronald Byrd

Roger (last name unrevealed) is one of the Five Swell Guys, a quintet of adventurers or “science-heroes” who operate out of New York and clash with various menaces, most notably the “omnipath” known as the Painted Doll. The “muscle” of the team,

Roger works alongside leader Bob, mechanic Stan, genius Marv, and psychic Kenneth. Nothing is known of the origin of the Five Swell Guys or how long they have been active, but in 1995 Roger was transformed into a woman as part of “that Suffragette City episode.” Although Roger’s persona and abilities were evidently unaffected by the change, the general public appears to believe that the female Roger is a different person than the “old Roger,” whom she is believed to have replaced. As suits her role as “muscle,” Roger appears to be the most hot-headed of the Five. Issues #7 and 8 are relevant to the character.

Roger possess superhuman strength and is an effective fighter, even capable of holding her own in combat with a demon. She and the other Swell Guys travel on a flying platform.

Roger was created by Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray. Art by J H Williams III, Mick Gray, and Jeromy Cox from Promethea #6.

All rights reserved DC Comics.

August 25, 2021
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