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Robert Thaldron

Contributed by Michael McDermott

Robert Thaldron is the publisher of Out And About magazine, a cheap gay news magazine. Their primary news is outing homosexuals, whether they want to be out or not! One such individual, Kerry Warshaw, committed suicide after he was outed by the magazine.

Nomad was hired by a senator to prevent his son from being outed by the magazine. When confronted by Nomad about this, Thaldron revealed to him the true reason why the senator and his son did not want the story told. The senator planned to blackmail a political opponent with the sexual relationship between. If Out And About ran their story, it would compromise their blackmail scheme.

Nomad convinced Thaldron not to run the story on the senator’s son, but rather on his lover Gary Bennet, and how he had been set-up by the senator. That way, Nomad fulfilled his job by preventing the original story, but they still managed to expose the senator’s illegal scheme.

The magazine has a secretary, whose name is not revealed. She says that she has been out since 14. She is proud of the magazine, because she believes the “only way f’r minorities to make their voices heard is by singin’ loud an’ clear. We cain’t do that if people don’t join the choir.”

Created by Fabian Nicieza and Rick Mays. Art by Mays, Greg Adams, and Tom Smith.

Thaldron’s only appearance was in Nomad #14.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment

October 4, 2021
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