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Rob Silverman

By Mike McDermott

Rob is the boyfriend of Jean-Paul “Frenchie” DuChamps, the former mercenary who has served as pilot and sidekick to the superhero Moon Knight.

In addition to co-owning a restaurant called “En Table” with Frenchie, Rob also works as a physiotherapist and helps Moon Knight to train and recover from injuries he sustains while crimefighting. Rob is a supporter of Moon Knight’s violent vigilante activities, believing that “evil people should be punished for their crimes” and that they should be hurt too, “so they know how it feels”. However the friendship between Rob and Moon Knight sparked conflict in Rob’s relationship with Jean-Paul. Jean-Paul worried that being in Moon Knight’s life was too dangerous, based on his own injuries and what he had observed happening to MK’s other friends over the years, but Rob argued that he was simply jealous. Jean-Paul’s fears turned out to be justified when Rob was savagely beaten into a coma by enemies of Moon Knight. This prompted Jean-Paul to come out of retirement and join Moon Knight in battle again to take revenge against the attackers. Rob has since recovered from his injuries.

Created by Charlie Huston and David Finch. Silverman’s first appearance is in Moon Knight #3 (2006). Art by Mico Suayan and Frank D’Armata from Moon Knight #9.

Please read Jean-Paul DuChamp’s profile.

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August 25, 2021
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