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Rise of the Pink Ninjas

Last summer, Sean McGrath heard Maggie Gallagher say the most reprehensible and simultaneously twee-est (is “twee” used in the correct sense of British usage?) thing to ever come out of her voluminous pie hole: “Marriage is not a civil right. In fact, it’s a civil wrong.” Her ability to turn a phrase aside, Mags’ head should have by all rights exploded from just the uncut rage McGrath sent her way (to say nothing of the other people he’s sure were doing the same thing). Ah, “Scanners,” you disappointed me once again. So, what’s a guy to do?

Easy, write a revenge fantasy and get friends to help make it into a comic book.

McGrath now presents to you the fruits of their labors – Rise of the Pink Ninjas: A Gay Fantasia – downloadable at Ortho Comics. Go ahead. It’s free!

See Mad Gallagher throw her weight around!

Stare in wonder at the mysterious Bastard Baby Doll!

Clench your butthole when P & M, the Night Bears, cruise by!

But most of all, enjoy and keep fighting. McGrath wants to start buying gay wedding gifts in this lifetime.

Rise of the Pink Ninjas: A Gay Fantasia
Written by Sean McGrath
Drawn, inked and colored by Benjamin Ruth
Lettered by Christopher Moshier
Cover graphic by Scott McGrath

February 2, 2010
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