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Ride Or Die Launches September 6th!

Fueled by revenge and gasoline.

Hiveworks Comics, a creator-owned publishing house and studio, has begun publishing Ride or Die by Mars Heyward, a webcomic about street racing, blood thirsty cars, and experiences of growing up Black and gay in America.

Rule-following Lucky is thrust into the world of street racing with his former-crush, Vick. Together they repair a mysterious car once belonging to Lucky’s missing mother. But what they don’t know is that there’s something demonic lurking under the hood…

In Heyward’s words:

[Ride Or Die] involves themes that are important to me including the ever-present threat of police brutality as a Black person, the false idea that you can avoid becoming a victim by your own choices and efforts, staying empowered in America as a nation rooted in white supremacy and homophobia, and the concepts of “right” and “wrong.”

Mars Heyward’s previous work includes their webcomic Long Exposure (2016-2020). Their work has been featured in the Ignatz-nominated anthology Alloy: Electrum and at the Gallery Nucleus Spiderverse art show in 2019.

September 4, 2021
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