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Reyna Sirena

Contributed by Mike McDermott

The Reyna Sirena is the former ruler of the mermaid-like Sirenas, and is also the head of AlonTech. She created AlonTech to develop weapons and technologies to help the Sirenas fight back against the Atlanteans that had warred against them for centuries. She wears special battle armour, including a mask over her face to hide the scars sustained in an Atlantean attack. She is a formidable fighter, and is armed with various weapons including a wrist-mounted crossbow that can fire multiple projectiles at once.

The human employees of AlonTech are unaware of her true nature, as she never has face-to-face communication with them. She has developed a fleet of flying drone ships called Seawolves, as well as powerful genetically engineered Hybrid creatures to serve as troops for her. Celia the Sea Hunter was an employee of AlonTech, and they developed her armor and equipment–but the Reyna came to regret that after her own lover, Carina, ended up falling in love with the Sea Hunter and left her.

The superhero Wave got her hydrokinetic powers as an accidental result of illegal AlonTech experiments to allow humans to live underwater as easily as on land. Reyna Sirena captured Wave in order to discover how her powers worked and then replicate them, but Wave was rescued by her teammate Aero along with Sea Hunter and Carina before she could succeed. Carina overthrew the Reyna as the Sirena’s leader, and the Reyna was forced to retreat–but still had the samples she had taken from Wave, to continue her efforts to duplicate Wave’s powers!

Please read the profiles for Carina and Sea Hunter.

The Reyna Sirena first appeared in Aero #5 by Greg Pak, Alyssa Wong and Pop Mhan. Created by Greg Pak, Alyssa Wong and Pop Mhan. Art by Mhan and Federico Blee

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment

July 24, 2022
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