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Renee Montoya Sighted

Renee Montoya is among the numerous characters that whose whereabouts in the DCnU is unknown or didn’t make the transition, like Holly Robinson. The only clue to date was the inclusion of a photo of Detective Montoya among other police officer photos displayed in Gotham Central police station in Batwoman #1. Now this month’s Batwoman #0 (not to be confused with the first Batwoman #0 from about two years ago) relates events in Kate Kane’s life leading up to her becoming Batwoman. One page highlights the reasons behind Kate’s relationship choices in the period after she was discharged from the military for violating Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. In the last panel of this sequence on page seven, Kate’s been pulled over by a female police officer for a traffic violation. The previous panel shows Kate with a beer bottle in hand as she leaves girlfriend Sophie. The officer is drawn in profile and appears in this lone panel. Turn the page (which I didn’t do before I originally wrote this up Wednesday night, let alone read) and Kate’s monologue confirms this officer is indeed Renee, who Kate admits she failed in their relationship. So Montoya’s characcter has transitioned to the new continuity to some degree. What her role and fate will be now that her time as the Question is undone remains to be told. Is it too much to hope for that editorial and writers will decide to keep her in a happy relationship with Dee Hernandez before Greg Rucka began deconstructing Montoya in the closing issues of GOtham Central?

Apologies to readers for not taking time to read the story before jumping to conclusions.


March 7, 2015
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