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Ren Kimura

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Ren Kimura is a young Japanese-American woman who grew up with a very regimented childhood, directed by her very traditional parents who tried to shape her into their idea of a model citizen through school, studies and pre-selected hobbies. One of the hobbies they selected for her was ballet, which sparked a love of all dance in Ren. Her parents considered ballet just one more discipline for her to master as part of her well-rounded development, but Ren wanted to explore all forms of dance.  Her parents did not approve, nor did they approve of her sexuality when they learned she is a lesbian. Since she still lived in their home and they paid for her tuition, Ren followed their rules…but snuck around behind their backs to continue her study of dance.

Ren is one of millions of humans who are descendants of ancient Inhumans, a race of superhumans whose powers come from exposure to the Terrigen Mists.  During one of his invasions of Earth, the mad titan Thanos launched an attack on the home of the Inhumans, causing an explosion that spread a cloud of Terrigen all over the Earth. This Terrigen cloud activated the dormant powers of millions in Inhuman-descendants, including Ren, causing them to enter a cocooned state and emerge transformed into Inhumans.

Ren emerged from her cocoon with her hands transformed into a strange metallic substance. Ren soon found herself caught in a crossfire between troops of Thanos, who were slaughtering all of the newly powered Inhumans on sight, and Caroline Le Fey and her Doom Maidens, who were capturing the cocoons to try and recruit the new Inhumans to their cause. The Defenders arrived on the scene and defended Ren, and she soon found that she could use her new powers to join in the fight.  Afterwards Annabelle Riggs of the Defenders bonded with Ren, using her own status as a newcomer to the world of super-heroics to relate to Ren and help her cope with her unexpected changes. Ren joined the Defenders, and began a romance with Annabelle soon afterwards.
Ren’s hands and forearms are now composed of metal, and her fingers have transformed into razor blades. Her fingers can extend as long metallic strands, with the blade at the tip. She can use these as whips, or to propel herself by using them like grappling lines. Although Ren has no combat training, she has adapted her dance skills to serve as a unique and fluid fighting style, twirling her razor-sharp whips around as she dances.

Created by Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney. Art by Sliney and Veronica Gandini from Fearless Defenders #10.

Ren first appeared and was outed in Fearless Defenders #10.

Please read Dr Annabelle Rigg’s profile.

All rights reserved by Marvel Comics.

August 25, 2021
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