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Rebecca Cross

Contributed by Michael McDermott

Rebecca Cross ran away from home when she was sixteen, and took a bus from her home town of Lago, NY to the next town. No one knew where she went, and it was assumed that she was kindapped. After a month had passed, her mother hired private investigator Jessica Jones to find out what happened to Rebecca. She suspected that Rebecca’s father might have something to do with the disappearance, because she thought that he had displayed a sexual interest in Rebecca.

However, the father denied those accusations, and Jones believed that he had nothing to do with the disappearance. During Jones’ investigation, she uncovered rumours that Rebecca was a mutant, and Lago is a small town with a minister who preaches anti-mutant sermons. However, Jessica found no evidence to support the rumours that Rebecca was a mutant; she simply appeared to be a “different” girl who didn’t fit in to that small town.

A few days later, Mr. Cross was found murdered. While the body was being taken away, Jessica overhears a little boy muttering “that’s not funny”, and realizes that he knows where Jessica is. Before Rebecca left, she told this one boy where she was going, because she liked him and didn’t want him to worry. Jessica finds Rebecca in a club, with her new girlfriend, reading poetry. Jessica takes Rebecca back home despite her protests. During the car ride, Rebecca explains that she ran away because she could no longer tolerate the bigotry and racism in her hometown. She went to the next town over, and found people who didn’t have the same bigoted attitudes, and who didn’t mock her when she tried to express herself. She also met a girl whom she fell in love with. Rebecca tells Jones that she will not go back to living in Lago, and she will run away again at the first opportunity.


They arrive back in Lago, just as Rebecca’s aunt is being arrested for the murder of Mr. Cross. It turns out that they had an argument while drunk (probably over Rebecca’s disappearance, and her and her sister accusing him of being involved) and she stabbed him. When Rebecca returns, her mother slaps her, calling her a “selfish whore”, and accusing her of being responsible for her father’s death.

Jessica comforts Rebecca and tells her that she is not to blame for her father’s death. She then offers to take her back to her girlfriend, but it turns out that she had already come to Lago looking for Rebecca.

Cross has yet to appear in a Marvel comic since her appearances in Alias. Her first appearance was in a photo shown in Alias #11 and she was confirmed as lesbian in #14.

What will happen to Rebecca now, and whether or not she will live with her mother again, remains to be seen.

Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos.

All rights reserved Marvel Comics.

August 25, 2021
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