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Reasons I Like Dancy Flamarion

Dancy is a female character that talks to another female character about a number of topics, none of them being sex, love, or men.

Dancy is written by a woman.

Dancy’s dialog sounds natural for the character and reflects her particular personality and locale and upbringing without resorting to cliches like Scott Lobdell does in a lazy attempt to make Bunker Mexican (Caramba!)

Dancy started out certain she was on the side of good. Who wouldn’t if a seraph appeared and more or less made you feel compelled to take a course of actions? Darcy’s motivation and kickassery make her more of an ambiguous anti-hero.

Dancy isn’t precious and her appearance resists diva objectification. There’s nothing glamorous about her hair, behavior, or clothes. Generic jeans and tee shirts set her far apart from red leather boots and star spangled panties and a gold tiara.

Dancy doesn’t define herself by a relationship with a man, or woman for that matter. Without a love interest, I can’t actively or subconciously project myself into the relationship. Darcy stands on her own. Take her or leave her. She’s too busy slaying monsters and wondering if she’s crazy for doing it.

March 7, 2015
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