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Real Heroes Q&A: Lars Slind

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Hi Lars! What are you up to today?

Just work and having some fun, I have an audition for ‘Roshen Chocolate’ which is big in Russia and E. Europe. This brings me one step closer to world domination.

You play Water Warrior in the movie. What’s your character like?

Water Warrior is bit into himself to say the least, but he does have a good heart. He loves…loves the camera, it’s his best friend and lover.

We had you wearing a mesh shirt for the entire movie. Did you ever feel exploited?

No, I actually felt bad for the mesh shirt. I think it was meant more for an Englishman from the 12th century and not a modern day Norseman. My pecs exploited that shirt, in my opinion.

What’s your favorite thing about the character?

His undying optimism that while he has no true superhero powers or abilities, he still thinks that he can make a difference. Also, that everything in life that happens is somehow connected to his future stardom.

What was the hardest thing about shooting this movie for you?

Staying in shape. I was about 250lbs when I played football in college, so I know how to eat. In my downtime krafty was just out there calling my name.

Do you have a favorite scene?

Any scene that I am in…oops, that was Water Warrior talking. I would have to say, I really liked my big confrontation with Malibu and the bonding with Big Shot. I think both those scenes show some depth in shallow pools of Water Warrior.

How important is it improve to your performance?

Essential. I think it helps keep Water Warrior organic and fluid which is the blue print of his character. Thank god I had a great director who worked with me and helped let the script evolve.

If Water Warrior could rescue any celebrity, who would he want to rescue and how?

Rupert Murdoch, because he knows he would always make the news from that point on.

If you could play any role in the world in your next movie, what would you choose?

I would want to play Thor, but not the Marvel version. I would like to play Thor in a mythology movie done in the style of ‘Troy’ or ‘Immortals’, because those are the stories I grew up with from my Norwegian family.

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March 7, 2015
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