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Raz Maholtra

Raz Malhotra is a brilliant, up and coming research scientist in the field of artificial intelligence, or at least he would be if Hank Pym hadn’t changed his mind and started to denounce AI, which in turn caused corporations expanding into the field to shutter their AI divisions. Now he works for Tech Busters as an on site tech support expert. Raz’s job provides the excuse for Egghead (yes, he’s back from the dead) to ensnare Raz in his plot to destroy the Avengers. Said plot hinges on the deployment of advanced design robots which have come into Egghead’s possession. Raz’s scientific insight is needed in order to activate them and Egghead, as evil, desperate, and un-dead as he is, won’t take no for an answer so he resorts to controlling Raz’s mind when he refuses to help voluntarily. Hank Pym, as Giant Man, and Scott Lang, as Ant-Man, arrive on the scene to bust up Egghead’s plan, giving Raz a chance to help the heroes.

In the story’s epilog the setting changes to San Francisco and Raz while he is searching online for jobs because he’s been fired from Tech Busters. His unnamed boyfriend appears carrying a large package. To Raz’s great surprise, the package contains Giant Man’s costume and a note from Scott Lang wishing him well.

As writer Nick Spencer did with Scott Lang, he gives Raz a sense of humor. Raz displays a sense of morality when he refuses to help Egghead kill and we can infer from some of Raz’s early comments that he’s well loved and respected by his family.

Time will tell if Raz returns as Giant Man post Secret Wars!

Raz and his unnamed partner first appear in Ant-Man annual #1 (2015). Raz and Isaac Ikeda from the Agents Of Atlas mini (2019) seemed to be striking up a mutual interest. Created by Nick Spencer and Brent Schoonover. Art by Nico Leon and Rachelle Rosenberg.

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February 12, 2022
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