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Raven & Duncan

Raven and Duncan are top aides, along with Killian Reed, in Astrid Mueller’s Honest World Foundation. Raven is the operations manager of the Foundation’s Clean Room as well as being in charge of monitoring electronic media. Duncan appears to work in more than one capacity. Duncan has an aggressive personality and displays a take charge attitude. He can act spontaneously though is equally comfortable with a calculating manner. His position appears to be head of security at a lecture Mueller gives while later in the same issue he acts as spokesman with the Chicago Police.

Both men make for imposing figures with their taller and larger than average physiques. Duncan utilizes his physical presence as an intimidation tool, as shown in a scene from issue #8 in which Duncan browbeats a Chicago police lieutenant. It might be inferred from a scene of Raven watching Astrid Mueller handle a situation in the Clean Room that his resolve can be shaken in comparison to Killian Reed.

Raven and Duncan first appear in cameo on the final page of Clean Room #1. Most of their back story has not been revealed though they’re shown to be a couple in issue #8.

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