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Random SOTI Quote For 3/7

“One of the most significant and deeply resented manifestations of race prejudice in the mores of the United States is the fact that in books, movies, and magazine photographs of white women with bared breasts are taboo, while the same pictures of colored girls are permitted. Comic books for children make this same distinction. One such specimen had half-nude girls in all kinds of suggestive poses. Other pictures show typical whipping and flagellation scenes such as are found, outside of this children’s literature, only in pornographic books. When the girls are white, there is always some covering of the breasts. Only colored girls have their breasts fully exposed.

This is a demonstration of race prejudice for children, driven home by the appeal of sexual instincts. It is probably one of the most sinister methods of suggesting that races are fundamentally different with regard to moral value, and that one is inferior to the other. This is where a psychiatrist question becomes a social one.’

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