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Ramsey Robinson

Ramsey (Spencer) Robinson is the only child of Kate Spencer and Peter Robinson. He is six years old when first introduced.  They have joint custody of Ramsey after their unamicable divorce, which seems to have been precipitated by Kate’s obsession to her work as a federal attorney. When not preparing for or fighting in the courtroom she is often seen disguised as the crime fighter Manhunter. Peter is an author.

Ramsey becomes a focus in the first story arc when he snoops in a closet at Kate’s home and finds Manhunter’s power staff (taken from the county evidence room in issue #1). Curious and young hands accidentally activate it, causing a small explosion that results in a concussion and hospitalization for the boy. While Ramsey’s injury causes both concern and stress for his parents, the boy recovers (issue #6) and the incident has the unforeseen effect of bringing his parents to a more civil attitude. Ramsey is surprised to receive an autographed photo of Superman that his mother obtained after the hero testified at court. (issue #7).

Kate’s father (Walter) unexpectedly calls her in issue #6. In a flashback scene we see a young Kate witness her father killing her mother. Though the phone call troubles her, Kate keeps the news to herself, which is unfortunate as the estranged grandfather makes initial but brief contact with Ramsey while his father is momentarily distracted at a park (issue #9). The elder Spencer is next seen observing Ramsey and asking questions of a senior-aged crossing guard after school is let out one day. He muses, “Cute kid. Hope he’s usable.” (issue #11)

The grandfather becomes bolder when he approaches and confronts Ramsey’s father while posing as a fan at a book signing (issue #12). Scenes in issues #13 and 14 focus on Ramsey and his father reacting to news that Kate is endangered in a kidnapping attempt and subsequent effect it has on Kate’s desire to be a better mother.

The subplot involving Ramsey’s grandfather returns as he appears at Ramsey’s school, persuading the school principal to let the boy leave with him. Peter is horrified to discover his son was released to a stranger and angered when he receives a dare via cell phone to come rescue his son at his home. Of course it’s a trap and Peter proves to be no match for the duplicitous old man (issue #16). Kate discovers blood on the carpet and broken furniture upon arrival at her ex’s house. The house is empty since an unconscious Peter and Ramsey are captive in a car speeding north o the Pacific Coast Highway. While Kate tries to devise a plan, Walter stops at an abandoned rest stop to meet up with the villainous Dr. Moon and Phobia (issue #17). Walter’s purpose in abducting Ramsey was to use his bone marrow to cure his aggressive myeloma (blood cancer), but the boy is not a match. Desperate, he calls daughter Kate to lure her to Moon’s isolate lab outside a tiny California town near the mountains. None of them are prepared for Manhunter though, a fact effectively used to her advantage as she fights first Moon, then Phobia, and finally her father, who now uses his power to throw off energy to attack Kate. In a desperate bid, the old man grabs and threatens Ramsey. It’s a fatal choice as Kate decides to permanently end the danger by killing Walter. There’s a tender scene with Ramsey held by Kate, in costume and unmasked. The story ends with Ramsey standing near his sleeping mother and vowing not to let anyone hurt his parents again (issue #19).

Writer Andreyko first implied Ramsey is more than he appears during a schoolyard fight scene when Ramsey punches a bully several years older and sends the little tyrant across several feet of ground (issue #22). Ramsey doesn’t appear again until issue #30 when Wonder Woman, who Kate has been defending in court (a result of her killing Max Lord), surprises him.

Ramsey is staying with his great-grandma Sandra while Kate is away on a mission. Great-grandpa Arn (Iron Munro) gives Ramsey a German Shepherd puppy that he names “Thor.” The two former superheroes are discussing family matters outside in the yard. They don’t notice Ramsey running out into the road to rescue Thor from an oncoming garbage truck. Only a loud crash alerts them to something wrong: the front end of the truck is warped around Ramsey’s tiny and unharmed body (issues #32 and #33). Both great-grandparents are unprepared to answer Ramsey’s question whether he’s now a superhero though it leads to a follow up conversation in issue #35. Sandra tries to bring up the recent developments with Kate after her mission has ended, but Kate asks to talk about matters later.

DC announced Manhunter’s cancellation with issue #38 toward the end of 2008. The abrupt termination affected writer Andreyko’s plans for the series. With two issues left, Andreyko jumped his characters 15 years into the future.

Kate is still Manhunter and her son Ramsey is graduating from college the night after this story takes place. Manhunter is fighting a villain named Nellie Lovett (the female lead character’s name in Sweeney Todd and partner to Kate’s one rogue villain of the same name) in Griffith Park. It looks like Nellie is going to win the fight until a a young man whose face is disguised with a ski mask jumps in to save Kate. Nellie gets away and the young man says “She’s getting away! Just go get her, Mom!”

Not much later the truth comes out over the kitchen table that Ramsey has been practicing to be a superhero. Kate’s lawyer boyfriend shows up and then Ramsey runs to the front door when he hears a knock. It’s another man, around Ramsey’s age. At first he seems to be a friend, but then Kate says “And Justin, I’m your boyfriend’s mother, not a fifth grade teacher, so for the last time, please call me Kate.”

Ramsey and Justin kiss. Ramsey says, “That’s her warm side, Jus. And you wonder why I’m the way I am?” Justin replies, “That’s why you haven’t met my mom yet.”  As the men leave Kate tells her son that she’ll wait up for Ramsey so their conversation can be continued. He says, “Oh, don’t do that. I’m gonna stay at Justin’s tonight. See ya!”

Later we see the men in a convertible sports car on the back lot of an old movie studio. The sky darkens in a really odd way and a blackened word balloon says “Did you really think you could sneak up on me?” The next panel shows Justin growing larger (apparently he has a superpower, too). A young woman named Jade mysteriously appears wielding what looks like an energy sword in each hand. She seems to be attacking them, but in reality, it’s a super hero training session. Obsidian/ Todd Rice (the superhero that Andreyko first outed) appears from the shadows. From the dialog we learn that Ramsey is close to Obsidian, calling him Uncle Todd and that Obsidian is helping to train Ramsey, Justin, and Jade. She is really Todd’s daughter. There’s no mention of Jade/ Jenny being his birth or adopted daughter or of boyfriend Damon.

The scene ends with Justin telling Ramsey “Looks like you’re getting your chance, hon. You mom just pulled up.” Ramsey shouts “What!? My Mom’s here!?” Justin laughs and Ramsey replies “You are so sleeping on the couch tonight.” (Issue #37.)

When next we see Ramsey it’s the morning of his graduation and he’s trying to sleep in late when boyfriend Justin surprises him with breakfast in bed. Before he can finish, Jenny and heretofore-unknown younger brother Alan, carrying a male blow up doll, pop into the room shooting silly string into the air. The scene is meant to be a little crass, as evidenced by Ramsey’s comment, “When did this turn into a frat house?”

Meanwhile, Kate meets with weapons/ tech designer Dylan to pick up some secret project he’s just completed. Ramsey still has sore feelings from the disagreement the previous day with his mother and it strains their interaction during their post-graduation interactions.

Later Ramsey commiserates with friends and family at his graduation party. We learn from a comment by Ramsey’s stepmother that his father has died at some unknown point in the intervening years. A rare plot contrivance has villains Sweeney Todd and Nellie Lovett literally crash Ramsey’s party in a FedEx truck. Yes, convenient for the plot, but not so for the criminals since Kate, Ramsey, Justin, Grandpa Iron, Obsidian and a surprise assist from stepmom make quick work of the pair. It’s just as well since Andreyko is left with only a couple pages to bring Ramsey and Kate together for a final heart to heart. Kate surprises Ramsey with the briefcase she picked up earlier in the day from Dylan. The contents are huge shock, a specially designed uniform based on Kate’s own. No codename is given though, The series closes with a final full page image of Kate and Ramsey in uniform prowling rooftops. Andreyko wrote some humorous dialog befitting the unique mother son relationship.

Kate: “Follow me!”

Ramsey: Of course. Age before beauty after all.”

Kate: “Watch it, kid. You’re not too old for me to bend over my knee!”

Ramsey: “Mom, please, we’re working!”

Ramsey first appeared in Manhunter #2 and was revealed to be gay in Manhunter #37. Manhunter during its publication was set in Los Angeles.

Please also see the profiles for Obsidian and Damon Matthews.

Created by Marc Andreyko. Art by Michael Gaydos and Jose Villarrubia.

All rights reserved DC Comics.

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