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Review by Fred Towers

Queeroes: Save the Gay, Save the World
Steve Bereznai
Lethe Press Books
$15 PB $9.99 Kindle

Even though I heard that Lethe Press Books released Queeroes because it was difficult to find in the U.S. under the Canadian publisher, I read and reviewing the Canadian copy. I don’t know if there are any differences in the Lethe version of the book.

I enjoyed this book, but my partner struggled with it. The difference is that I’m a superhero fiend, and he isn’t. He felt that it was too immature and geared toward a much younger audience than him. I found myself as a queer teen in the teen drama. If you’re like me and love anything superhero, especially GLBT superhero, you’ll want this in your collection. If you’re more like my partner and want a gay teen superhero novel with more maturity, you may prefer Hero by Perry Moore. I found the story line fun and exciting. Bereznai uses humor in the characters, the powers, and the plot twists. The villain’s “creations” confused me some, but I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying the story. His power was unique, at least to me.I recommend this book to GLBT teens, superhero fiends like me, and others who can handle the teen drama of being queer, having powers, and still dealing all the other teen crap that goes on.

This review was originally published by Fred Towers at his blog,, and is published here courtesy of the author.

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October 31, 2010
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