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Py’lothia is a Cepniac’n, an alien race existing in the Ninth Dimension in which every female can absorb energy and every male can manipulate and expel it. Py’lothia is an exception to Cepniac’n biology as sie was born bigender/ intersexed and doesn’t want to choose. The decision created friction at home and within the larger community to the degree that Py’lothia was given by hir parents to the Kryl. The space-faring and conquering race strongly suspected hir great power and kept hir in solitary confinement until Mr Terrific, newly freed himself after being taken prisoner after arrival, frees Py’lothia. Sie resists Mr Terrific’s attempts to persuade hir of hir untapped power (“You don’t know what it’s like hating yourself. Thinking you deserve to die, because you’ve discovered something about yourself you can’t stand.”); hir power being the only hope they have of survival against a Kryl mothership bent on their total elimination. Py’lothia finally starts to believe in Mr Terrific’s words and in deus ex machina style single handedly saves them.  Upon their farewell, Py’lothia reveals sie will return to Cepniac’n to reach out to others who were similarly made into outcasts, and then turn to fighting the oppressive Kryl. The name Py’lothia is also the Cepniac’n word for harmony.

Created by Eric Wallace and Gianluca Gugliotta. Art by J G Jones and Hi Fi from the cover of issue #5.

Py’lothia first and only appearance is in Mister Terrific #5.

All rights reserved DC Comics.

August 3, 2021
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