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Princess Diana – Can I Talk?

The Amazon Princess shares a few thoughts with her gay fan following.

We all know Heinberg’s stint was a disaster.

I like men. To like men on an island full of women loving and pleasuring one another is really queer. Take that, Wertham!

On the subject of men…Steve Trevor is in the past. You should let him go, too. I’m here to experience Man’s World.

From my “white period” to the number of stars on my panties to my breast plate and boots…Why are gay men so obsessed over my clothes? Not that I don’t love gay men…

Lynda Carter certainly appears nice, doesn’t she?

Admit it, you love my breasts.

Love, love, love Spartacus Blood and Sand! It’s terrible what happened to Barca. Perhaps Achilles will let me…oh, sorry.

Get over the twirl!

Really, get over the twirl. I love that you first twirled when you were four, and how old are you now?

Everyone should have the right to marry the person they love.

Nicola, please give me back real panties. Wedgies are so distracting in the heat of battle.

No, you may not wear my tiara.

February 28, 2010
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