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Contributed by Ronald Byrd

The past of the hero known as Pride, real name Dustyn Tavish, is shrouded in mystery, and the enigmatic man seems to prefer that it remain so. He first appeared in the mid-1980s, fighting crime and saving lives in a number of East Coast cities. At the time he was known as “Sentinel,” but he was later forced to change the name as a result of a comic book company which threatened a lawsuit over trademark infringement.

Pride is a much more apt name for the hero, as he has been openly gay since his first appearance, lending his hand at gay events, and speaking for gay rights at rallies and in the halls of Congress. Governmental investigations into Pride’s past have revealed almost nothing, and even his closest friends know little about him. He is independently wealthy, and lives in a penthouse he inherited from an old friend, an enigmatic woman known as Rose.

Serving Pride in his penthouse is a man known as Kristoff, who seemingly has the power to fly, to melt invisibly into shadows, and whose eyes coruscate with power. Kristoff has referred to himself as Pride’s “Ten’La” – a servant of the Kroven, who appear to be some sort of vampiric race. Rose was one of the Kroven, but it is unclear whether or not Pride is a member of the race, or whether he is tied into them somehow in his past.

Pride rescued a young fire fighter named Trent Conlin from a burning building. The two have since struck up a romance, which has become serious. Pride has not told Trent the secrets of his past, though he intended to. Unfortunately, before he got the chance, Trent was gay-bashed; he is currently in a coma. The police believe that Pride may have murderously lashed out at another group of gay-bashers, but whether the hero has allowed a darker side to slip free has also not yet been revealed.

Pride’s super-powers include heightened strength and speed, the power of flight, a measure of invulnerability, and the ability to transform his garments with a thought. He may have other powers, but they have not been revealed.

Pride first appeared in Gay Comics #16 and appeared in the following issues: #17, #18, #20, #23, – #25. The last issue was the finale of the title and had an eighty page count and featured work from past contributors.

Art by J A Fludd.

All rights reserved Andy Mangels and J A Fludd.

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