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Piper – The Sound & The Fury

In Tuesday night’s Flash episode, The Sound and The Fury, viewers were treated to the first on screen appearance of long time Rogues villain Pied Piper, sans the “pied”, with Andy Mientus. In the TV version, Hartley Rathaway, Piper’s alter ego, is the son of wealthy parents who disinherit him after coming out to them and went to work as a research scientist for Harrison Wells at STAR Labs where he was a huge jerk to cisco. The episode was a lot of fun and has made me excited for future appearances. And the best line of the show I thought was Piper saying to Flash: “Being scooped up by a guy in head to toe leather is a long time fantasy of mine, so thanks.” I never dreamed Piper would say something like that to the Flash! What would Gardner Fox think?

March 7, 2015
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