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Peter David Talks More About That Kiss

Over at CBR, George A. Tramountanas interviews X-Factor writer Peter David about events in X-Factor, including the now famous kiss between Rictor and Shatterstar.

Pulling a quote by PAD from the interview: “So we did some redesign work on Shatterstar so he’d fit in with the tone of the book. As for their relationship, I really had three options: 1) I could continue to play coy. 2) I could contradict it. 3) Or I could build on it. In light of such anti-gay activities as Prop 8, option 1 seemed kind of insulting and out-of-touch. Option 2 seemed gutless (what, was I so weirded out by the notion that I would feel the need to toss out what previous writers had done?). On that basis alone, option 3 seemed the way to go.”

Go read the rest here!

July 17, 2009
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