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Paul Renaud’s Mutiny Magazine Cover Reveal

Los Angeles, Monday June 20th, 2022,


As Final Order Cut-off date for MUTINY MAGAZINE#3 approaches (on June 27th, 2022), FairSquare Comics is proud to reveal the last piece of cover art for this issue, drawn by Marvel Superstar artist PAUL RENAUD. 

We all have childhood heroes. And for Paul Renaud as well as many other kids who grew up in France in the 1980s, there was a very different kind of superhero that was published, every month, next to the biggest Marvel heroes: PHOTONIK. 

Created by CIRO TOTA in 1979, PHOTONIK stars a trio of superpowered outcasts: A hunchback turned into a pure energy being by a lab accident, a stray kid who hardly misses his targets and an Holocaust survivor with psychic powers. They all swore to protect people who fear them. Sound familiar? 

PHOTONIK borrows elements from classic Marvel comic books. But the series is not a carbon copy. It’s a multilayered emotional journey that reflects upon what makes a hero a hero, a human a human and the cost of having super abilities. 

Touching and unique, PHOTONIK has been a fan favorite in France for generations but has never crossed the Atantic, until now. 

PHOTONIK will premiere in MUTINY#3, in English, completely remastered and recolored by STEPHANE PAITREAU, with a brand new cover from PAUL RENAUD. 

But that’s not all. 

Starting this December, PHOTONIK: MAN OF LIGHT#1 will debut in comic book stores as a Direct Market Exclusive and will be published bimonthly in our Premium Edition format (as seen recently with CLASSIFIED: JAEGER, currently on sale). 

“I discovered PHOTONIK when I was 12 years old in the pages of MUSTANG magazine and I’m beyond thrilled to share my love for this character with English speaking audiences all over the world thanks to Black&White Distribution and Raphael Wacker who made this deal possible. Ciro Tota’s series fits our core values perfectly and has a unique feel that will resonate with people. So be prepared for amazing exclusive covers, starting with the stunning Mutiny Magazine #3 piece from Paul Renaud.” Says FairSquare Comics publisher Fabrice Sapolsky. 

MUTINY MAGAZINE#3 can be ordered through the MAY for JULY edition of PREVIEWS or on PREVIEWSWORLD.COM

Diamond Item Code: MAY221459

FairSquare Comics LLC is an inclusive publishing company created in June 2019 to publish, promote and give more space to immigrant and under-represented categories of creators through comics and graphic novels. What we call “comics from the rest of us”. 

FairSquare Comics ambitions to lead by example, promoting best practices, fair deals and transparency in our industry. After the release of the hit anthology NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK, FairSquare Comics debuted MUTINY MAGAZINE, the first publication blending indie and mainstream comics as well as LADY-BIRD, a YA graphic novel dealing human trafficking and superpowers. Most recently, the company launched a new spy/thriller collection called CLASSIFIED and is about to release its first middle grade and slice of life graphic novels.

FairSquare Comics is distributed Worldwide by Diamond Comics and Diamond Book Distributors. 

June 20, 2022
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