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Osita is the founder of a group that calls itself the Revolutionaries which is introduced in issue #1 of the recent volume of Suicide Squad by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo. While the series is new and Taylor has yet to provide full details on Osita here is what is known and can be ascertained from how the creators depict her.

Born and raised in Puerto Rica, Osita joined the military as a young adult. At some point during her years of duty she and an undisclosed number of other soldiers were experimented on. By whom in the military and for what purposes exactly remains to be told. The end results of the experimentation on Osita made her stronger and gave her body some degree of invulnerability. Only two people survived the process: Osita and another woman named Tonia. They fell in love and married. How the experiments affected Tonia is unknown.

Osita and Tonia were deployed with a small group of other soldiers on a mission in which they crossed paths with Captain Boomerang inside Qurac borders. Without spoiling things, the mission didn’t end well and Boomerang eluded capture. The consequences of this failed mission became motivation for Osita to find answers and in turn find other people who wanted a better world as opposed to upholding the corrupt status quo of governments and corporations. This small group of individuals made up the Revolutionaries. Unsurprisingly, the US government considers them to be terrorists and deploy Task Force X (aka Suicide Squad) under the new command of shady General Lok.

Determined, keenly observant, and shrewd calculation are among her attributes. Osita is fiercely protective of people in her life. Taylor has not disclosed if Osita is lesbian, bisexual, or pansexual.

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Osita created by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo. Her first appearance is in Suicide Squad #1 (December. 2019). Osita’s marriage to Tonia is told in flashback in #4.

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