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For immediate release—Origination by R. E. Blakeslee

What happens when a superhero flies into Buffalo, New York one night in 2075? How can the largest solar sail corporation keep a secret hidden from a city of five million? Is a son’s love more powerful than hate?

Fantasy fiction author R.E. Blakeslee answers these questions and more in Origination—a tale of atonement, a shirtless winged hero, alien worlds, Buffalo city charm, and imagination!

Ginger Geoffery, of Channel Seven Eyewitness News WKBW-TV, says, “I missed the characters days after I read it [Origination].”

Origination covers a range of subjects from a monomythic superhero called Betylos to a sadomasochistic killer. With an alien religious conflict that mystifies the reader’s mind and a romance page after page for a changed millennium and beyond.

Marla Wick, Ph.D. – University of Buffalo says of Blakeslee’s mix of mystery, love, redemption, and vision: “Origination is a fantasy epic full of wry good humor that combines a poignant story of love and loss with nuanced social critique. R.E. Blakeslee has created a world that is both seductively magical and resonantly familiar. This is a story about what we have been, what we are, and what we could be.”

R. E. Blakeslee works as a ‘Follicular Consultant’ in the architecturally energetic city of Buffalo. He consults with multiple editors from Atlanta to New York; giving life to a hero the world can take pride in and maybe aspire to be. He is currently marketing this first novel and diligently writing the sequel.

To arrange a book signing or interview, contact R.E. Blakeslee. E-mail: | URL:

Origination by R.E. Blakeslee: Fiction/Fantasy/Contemporary/LGBTQ. Available through 30,000 online resellers, including Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | 460 pp. | $ 18.95 | ISBN 978-1-61584-583-5

January 11, 2010
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