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Opportunity Agenda Offers Artists Relief Stipends

The Opportunity Agenda offers economic relief  stipends for artists financially harmed by Covid-19

Impacted artists of all mediums strongly encouraged to apply

NEW YORK – Today, The Opportunity Agenda announced it will alot $1,000 stipends to artists of all mediums and freelance cultural strategists whose work has been significantly disrupted, reduced, delayed or lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The stipends aim to assist recipients with unexpected financial hardships that have disrupted their ability to advance social justice through their cultural work.

“The COVID-19 pandemic lays bare the grave systemic injustices of our society. Members of The Opportunity Agenda’s Creative Change network, along with the larger field of diverse artists and culture changers, serve as powerful social justice storytellers and agents of transformative change,” said Opportunity Agenda president Ellen Buchman. “Tragically, they join many whose livelihoods have been disrupted because they are on the frontline of this pandemic.  It is imperative that they be supported in this crisis, and The Opportunity Agenda is heartened to be able to offer these stipends to help weather this storm and ensure that the voices of these artists and creative change agents will continue to be heard.”

Provided through support from the Pop Culture Collaborative, The Opportunity Agenda aims to help a diverse range of artists and strategists, especially those who are directly impacted by social injustices arising in areas including but not limited to the immigration and criminal justice systems, economic injustices, or other societal barriers to safety, inclusion, or participation.

“In times of economic uncertainty, artists and activists working on the front lines of social justice movements are especially vulnerable to financial ruin, but it is in these moments that they are needed most,”  said The Opportunity Agenda director of cultural strategy Betsy Richards. “When it comes to the fight for justice in this unstable moment, culture is key.”

“Each of these organizations are deeply knowledgeable about and embedded with artist and activist communities. The Pop Culture Collaborative is providing support to ensure that the artists and cultural workers who are providing hope and meaning during this global crisis are able to take care of their own deeply important personal needs,”  Pop Culture Collaborative Strategy Director Tracy Van Slyke said. “We invite other foundations and individual donors to join us in supporting these organizations so more artists and cultural workers have the support they so desperately need right now.”

Stipend application details:
Each stipend is worth $1,000. To apply visit: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted. All stipend funds must be spent by July 31, 2020.


The Opportunity Agenda is a social justice communication lab that works to advance the impact of the social justice community by shaping compelling narratives and messages; building the communication capacity of leaders through training and resources; and engaging with artists, creatives, and culture makers as powerful storytellers to shift the public discourse.

April 7, 2020
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