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On Oliver Nome, The World’s Biggest Walking Dead Fan

Comic nerds can drop a list of favorite and famous artists and writers the second you ask them. Oliver Nome’s career began at Wildstorm when the imprint was still associated with Image. He’s worked in the DC Universe Online MMO with Jim Lee and associates before moving onto drawing for DC proper and Aspen. Under vastly different circumstances Nome’s career and work might be more widely known by comics fandom. Tragically, Nome was diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM), Stage Four terminal brain cancer in May 2012 and last October Nome entered into hospice care. An unfortunate result of brain surgery took away Nome’s control of one side of his body and ended his ability to draw. A friend whom I’ve known for many years is one of the people involved in his care and he has asked me to share the following information. Nome is a huge Walking Dead fan as this illustration of Michonne from several years ago attests. My friend Sean tells me he has helped to arrange that Oliver’s Michonne art be shown on The Talking Dead show that follows the Walking Dead airing this coming Sunday, February 12th. Sean asked me to share this and invite all of you reading this now to watch this episode of The Talking Dead because Oliver’s life is quickly drawing to a close and knowing that lots of comic fans will watch it just to see his art will make him happy.

Nome’s family and power of attorney have given permission to include Oliver’s Michonne art.

You can see some of Nome’s work on Deviant Art.

February 10, 2017
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