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Ofelia Grace

Ofelia Grace is a prominent character in the Sins of the Black Flamingo mini series by Andrew Wheeler, Travis Moore, and Tamra Bonvillain. To the public at large Grace is the owner of a luxury spa in Miami whose clientele demand simply the best. The few who are given a glimpse behind that persona see something quite different. She will tell you that fixing shit is what she does. The ways and means at Ofelia’s disposal to fix that shit are not average ones at all because Ofelia is certainly not an average person. The few who are given a glimpse behind that public persona see something quite different: a witch, an acolyte of and perhaps a priestess to the Mothers of the Swamp, an analog of the Triple Goddess.

Much to her vexation she is also a friend to Sebastian Harlow. Perhaps his only friend. Where Harlow is narcissistic Ofelia is unselfish and sacrificing, two necessary traits to counter the evil humans inflict on other humans. While Ofelia may be Harlow’s friend and confidante, she does not hesitate to call out his smug and selfish attitude. At the same time her compassion and concern for two other characters in the series, Abel and Ezekiel, are quite evident.

Much of Ofelia Grace’s history and life remain to be told. Her family is small, two parents, and a sister. How she came to Miami and how her association with the Mothers of the Swamp began remain mysteries. Wheeler choosing the name Ofelia was certainly not accidental as it means “one who assists or aids” and also connotes beauty and selflessness. A couple of clues concerning the character’s sexuality may have been planted . In issue #3 Wheeler writes a line of Ofelia’s dialog in which she mentions two queer activist Black icons: Audre Lord and James Baldwin. The context of the conversation is quite serious and she laments their deaths. In issue #5 reflects on her future. She imagines reconnecting with her father, meeting new people, a career change, and dating someone who wears flannel. Note the use of the genderless “someone.” While these clues create some ambiguity they seem to lead me to think Ofelia’s character is queer. Drilling further down for specifics seems irrelevant in terms of the character’s personality.

Ofelia Grace’s first appearance is Sins of the Black Flamingo #1. Possible clues to her sexuality are found in issues #3 and #5.

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Created by Andrew Wheeler and Travis Moore. Art by Moore and Tamra Bonvillain.

All rights reserved Andrew Wheeler and Travis Moore

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