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Contributed by Mike McDermott

The woman who would eventually became known as Ocelotina first appears as an unnamed hostage, bound and gagged by a group of criminals. The superheroine Empowered attempted to rescue her, but wound up captured herself when the super-suit that provides her powers was torn. Both of them are saved by one of the criminals–Thugboy–who had developed a crush on Empowered.

The next time she appears she and her brother set a trap for Emp, figuring from their previous encounter that she would be an easy target. They capture her intending to ransom her to her teammates. She expresses an attraction towards Emp, and makes inappropriate advances towards the helpless heroine before Emp’s teammate Sistah Spooky intervenes and rescues her.

After this, the young woman is inspired by Empowered and becomes Ocelotina…but instead of being a real superhero, she is a fake hero who makes bondage videos for profit. She has no actual super-powers, but wears a cat-themed costume that supposedly grants her vaguely-defined cat abilities (such as claws that are sharp enough to shred Emp’s super-suit). In her bondage videos, Ocelotina is rendered helpless when her hands are bound behind her back by her tail.

Ocelotina convinces the Super-Homeys to make her a member of their team after she manages to capture the super-villain Quasarmodo–most likely through use of her sexuality rather than any fighting skill. Since then Ocelotina has never been seen going on any missions with the Super-Homeys; her membership seems to be mainly based on her eye-candy factor and her frequent flirting with the male team members.

Despite their awkward history, Ocelotina is one of the few Super-Homeys that treats Emp with respect and she views Emp as her idol. Ocelotina once used her bondage video program to defend Emp’s reputation when Emp was being targeted by false rumours of being a closeted super-villain and was unable to defend herself due to a confidentiality gag order about the situation.

Ocelotina first appeared as a hostage in Empowered vol.1 and as Ocelotina in Empowered vol.3. She was outed in Empowered vol.2.

Created by Adam Warren.

All rights reserved Adam Warren.

July 31, 2021
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