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No More MIA LGBT Superheroes

“Why are LGBT Superheroes missing or desexualised in Hollywood blockbusters?”

That’s the question director Mike Buonaiuto had after watching superhero movies in the past couple years and realizing the lack of LGBT superheroes in these films even as LGBT superheroes exist in comics. Many LGBTQ geeks will point out that mainstream comics also have issues of LGBTQ inclusion and representation and we at Gay League agree there’s still progress to be made.

The trailer debuted this past weekend in partnership with MCM Comic Con and follows the recent trending #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend. Buonaiuto is calling on studios like Marvel and Warner to include LGBT characters in their films, and to give “LGBT kids a hero they can look up to.” We’ll add that putting a queer superhero on the big screen will be something LGBT adults can look up to as well.

Buonaiuto goes on to add, “This project has been been completely created by volunteers. We hope that we can demonstrate to the studios that there is a huge audience for accurate LGBT portrayal on the big screen, and it won’t deter cinema-goers to buy tickets.”

You can take part in the campaign by signing up here!

And here’s a behind the scenes video for you!

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