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The Moth and Whisper are the two greatest thieves in a large metropolis in a cyberpunk future where surveillance is pervasive and anonymity is illegal. Widely believed to have been enemies, Moth and Whisper used this assumption to their great advantage when operating for or against crime bosses and their interests. The ultimate truth that no one suspected is Moth and Whisper were a couple and parents to an only child named Niki.

Due to circumstances beyond their control, Niki finds themself having to strike out on their own. Raised in secrecy by covert obsessed parents makes for a lifetime of training and knowledge in how to avoid detection. Niki is shown to be an incredibly reliant and resourceful individual. Key to Niki’s survival in this society if the skill of reading people for intent. They’re also very confident while also not as accomplished as their parents. It can make for tricky situations to get out of especially when attempting to take down the most powerful crime lord responsible for truly heinous trafficking.

In order to move about as freely as possible Niki relies on Weaver, an AI device designed to change appearance and clothing. Weaver is capable of fashioning these elaborate and convincing disguises on the fly, an important feature that Niki uses to get out of tight situations. However, these disguises have a limitation based on Niki’s facial structure and body type which prevents it from fabricating a disguise based on a 250 lb body type for example. Niki’s parents also created a half dozen false identities with complete backgrounds designed to pass scrutiny from the ever watchful municipal system.

The idea of an artificial intelligence device that creates these elaborate masks is especially intriguing given that creators Ted Anderson and Jen Hickman’s interest in the project was to feature a gender queer character who rarely if ever have seen positive representation in comics. Their gender queerness is presented as matter of fact. No angst filled flashback sequence is necessary, thank you very much.

The safe house in which Niki lives is a non descript warehouse type building equipped with tools for survival and sustainability. Another advanced AI system provides security, computer and monitor access, and scanner for health status. Niki is shown using flashbangs to extricate themself and a small drone for reconnaissance. Niki is depicted having above average strength and agility.

Niki first appears in Moth & Whisper #1 and their being gender queer is mentioned in issue #3.

Niki, Moth, and Whisper created by Ted Anderson and Jen Hickman. Art by Hickman.

All rights reserved Ted Anderson and Jen Hickman

January 30, 2022
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