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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Logan Lewis is the younger cousin of Tilda Johnson, who was a self-taught scientist and formerly the super-villain known as Nightshade before she reformed.

Like her cousin, Logan is also a brilliant scientist. She was working at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. as a PhD candidate, studying a derivative of a cosmic element known as Iso-8 and comparing it with fragments of a Cosmic Cube, when Carol Danvers ordered all Cosmic Cube related research to be shut down indefinitely due to safety concerns. Not wanting to lose all the progress she had made Logan recklessly rushed to her lab and continued her experiments, and accidentally spilled some of the chemical on herself.

The accident gave her the power to control and alter her body chemistry in various ways, to a variety of effects. She can give herself super strength and durability by concentrating organic compounds inside her body. She can alter her skin temperature to wild extremes to generate heat or cold, enough to freeze or incinerate objects by touch. By adjusting the balance of positively and negatively charged ions in her body she can create an electric field around her body which she can use to disrupt electronics. She has also displayed the ability to absorb and project energy, and to emit a stream of pheromones with a sedative effect.

Given the reality-warping capabilities of Cosmic Cubes and Iso-8 it is likely that Nightshade has only explored the tip of the iceberg of her powers potential.

After the accident Logan turned to her PhD advisor, Dr. Adrienne Brashear (daughter of the Blue Marvel) for assistance in understanding and controlling her new powers, and together they developed a power harnessing suit for her to wear. Logan wore the suit in public for the first time when a disgruntled failed student attacked her graduation ceremony with some battle armour he developed. Logan was able to use her powers to freeze his suit, ending his threat to the ceremony.

After graduating with her doctorate in biomedical science Logan was approached by her cousin Tilda, who proudly passed on the “Nightshade” mantle to her. Tilda also recruited Logan for a new project she was working on.

Logan originally did not intend to pursue the role of superhero, preferring to focus on her career as a scientist, but after an incident involving M.O.D.A.M. (Mental Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers) she decided to embrace her new role as Nightshade as well as work with her cousin Tilda.

Nightshade is a bisexual woman, and is currently in a same-sex relationship with classmate and fellow scientist named Gigi.

Nightshade first appeared in Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2023). Created by Stephanie Williams and Hector Barros. Art by Hector Barros.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment

December 18, 2023
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