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Nigel Clowes

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Contributed by Michael McDermott

Nigel was a member of the covert paramilitary organization called the V-Battalion, assembled at the end of the second World War to quietly deal with threats to world peace. He served under the command of Roger Aubrey, the Mighty Destroyer.

Recently, Aubrey stepped down as head of the V-Battalion and retired in order to deal with his clinical depression, caused in part by his unresolved grief for his lover Brian Falsworth (Union Jack II) who had been killed in a car crash decades earlier. After Roger retired, he and Nigel became romantically involved. Nigel helped Roger to overcome his depression and move forward with his life.

However, they were unable to leave the life of action behind them entirely. When the Thin Man assembled a new team ofInvaders, Roger offered his services to the group on a part-time basis. Nigel and Roger were also present at a gay andlesbian pride festival when it was attacked by Nazi vampires who were members of the Axis Mundi superhuman terrorist organization.

Roger has since returned to his former position as head of the V-Battalion. Whether or not Nigel also returned to his previous post is unknown. Nigel was last seen with Roger attending the funeral for Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch.

Although writer Allan Jacobsen intended Nigel to have been a member of the V-Battalion, that background detail was never actually confirmed on-panel. However, it is implied in Nigel’s conversations with Roger about his work with the Invaders and the V-Battalion, since Roger would not be likely to discuss the workings and memberships of top-secret covert organizations with a civilian.

Creator’s Comments: The intended back story is that Nigel worked with the V-Battalion, and that while working they became good friends–something Roger Aubrey had precious few of. I always assumed he was a tactitian or something like that. He would’ve been one of those background guys who was sitting at a computer console on the bridge of the V-Battalion’s big ship (the Vanguard).

Nigel is an easy-going speak-your-mind type, and outed Roger very early in their dealings. Although the two never shared a physically intimate relationship, they became quite close, as Nigel was the one person Aubrey could truly openly share his feeling with. The relationship was ultimately strained to breaking by Roger’s obsessive quest for justice and inability to come to terms with his personal life.

Frustrated, Nigel eventually retired, and returned to private life as a Professor of Literature in the UK.

Their relationship re-ignited when Roger himself retired, and finally sought out “the one that got away”. Nigel represents Aubrey’s decision to out himself, and finally live the life he always dreamt for himself and his deceased partner Union Jack.

As a member of the V-Battalion, Nigel served as one of the many tactical support technicians on the bridge of the Vanguard,  so Nigel likely has certain tactical and/or technical expertise. It is also possible he has had training for hand-to-hand combat or weapons use, but that is unconfirmed.

Nigel first appeared and is shown as gay in New Invaders #4. See the Destroyer & Union Jack II entry.

Created by Allan Jacobson and C P Smith. Art by Smith and Chris Walker.

All rights reserved Marvel Comics.

July 31, 2021
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