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Nick & Stuart

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Nick (on the left in the above image) is a childhood friend of Ben Grimm’s and a former member of the Yancy Street Gang. When Nick grew up he got out of the gang, and eventually moved out of the city. He now lives on a farm with his partner Stuart (on the right in the above image) and their two adopted children.

Nick called his old friend Ben to get the help of the Fantastic Four after he and Stuart discovered a strange shimmering phenomenon on their property. After Nick and Stuart invited the FF into their home for a friendly chat, Nick took the heroes out to see the phenomenon. While they were investigating it, the phenomenon suddenly grew in size and pulled the heroes in. The Invisible Woman had time to use her force field to push Nick to safety and order him to call for help.

The anomaly turned out to be a portal to another universe where dinosaurs evolved as the dominant sentient species on Earth instead of humans, and Nick called in the Avengers for assistance when the dinosaur Fantastic Four traded places with their human counterparts.

Nick and Stuart first appeared in Fantastic Four vol.7 #12 (2022) by Ryan North and Iban Coello.

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December 30, 2023
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