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New Romantic

Someone has murdered two previously unseen Stormwatch (reserve) members. The victims are the married couple known by the codenames Ebony and Ivory. Because of their affiliation, the murder is brought to the attention of Stormwatch PHD leader Jackson King. The discovery that four retired team members have died in the past month triggers alarm and leads to various members assigned to investigate the whereabouts of retired members.

Active members Black Betty and Fahrenheit interview former Stormwatch Black member Robert Nathan, now living a very quiet life living with and possibly caring for his father who once operated as a superhero in the 1940s as “The Romantic.” Nathan explains to the women that his power is pheromone based and gives him control over women. He also remarks about God having a sense of humor since he’s gay and his power doesn’t work on men. Fahrenheit presses Nathan about the passive nature of his ability, and Nathan reveals that he worked in former Stormwatch head Henry Bendix’s black ops unit. Satisfied that nothing unusual has happened to Nathan, the agents warn him to be cautious until the threat is terminated.

At the time of the story Nathan resided in Tranquility, the town where superheroes retire. Welcome to Tranquility was also a short-lived series conceived and written by Gail Simone that explored the lives of some of its more colorful citizens. I don’t recall Nathan appearing in Simone’s stories. Nathan has all the qualities of a filler character. While the current state of the Wildstorm earth is in  upheaval, the Tranquility title has appeared in a recent house ad, so it may return as a (mini) series.

Nathan has the ability to control or emit pheromones that allows him to manipulate women under its influence.

Robert Nathan appeared and is confirmed gay in Stormwatch P.H.D. #10. Thanks to Danny Sichel for bringing this character to my attention.

Created by Christos Gage and Andy Smith. Art by Smith and David Baron.

All rights reserved DC Comics.

July 26, 2021
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