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New House of Muses

houseofmuses5coverThe Award-Winning Graphic Novel Miniseries Continues With the Release of House of the Muses #5!

Vine Grove, KY, January 1, 2009: What happens to a girl with a stolen destiny on her journey to Lesbos? The House of the Muses is a powerful story that explores one possibility behind the 2,500 year old poems of Sappho.

In House of the Muses #5, an unexpected guest makes a visit to the House of the Muses. Gorgo of the House of Penthilos tells Sappho that she has opened a school for girls of her own in the city of Mytilene, with Andromeda, the daughter of Pittakos, as headmistress. Sappho tries not to appear upset by the news and it seems to anger Gorgo. The woman tells Sappho to remember that her reputation is fragile, and how interesting would it be if the people of Mytilene were reminded of her part in the assassination of the tyrant Myrsilos so many years ago.

Sappho orders Gorgo to leave, but the damage has already been done. Dika later convinces Sappho to talk about the past, and we learn things about the Poetess of Mytilene that we didn’t know!

Pam Harrison, creator, author and illustrator of the ground-breaking LGBT miniseries which illuminates the latter days of Sappho of Lesbos for the first time ever in a Teen+ format, welcomes the arrival of the fifth book in her nine-issue series, House of the Muses #5: House of Many Kings. The latest book in the series will launch on for $6.50 on January 15, and will shortly be available for order to comic shops through The third, fourth and fifth books in the series will soon be followed by their popular paperback version for $19.95 through Barnes and Noble and, both domestic and international. Awarded the 2008 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant Award, The House of the Muses is a critically acclaimed series that examines universal themes deeply linked to the human condition. The House of the Muses has gained an online following that crosses the barriers of sexual orientation and cuts to the quick of significant questions that mystify the human heart. Below is a sampling of reviews and some additional information about Pam:

“Pam Harrison’s computer-generated epic House of the Muses [is] Lesbian-with-a-capital-L!” – Roger Klorese, Editor PRISM COMICS

“A tale from ancient history, compiled from the writings of a Greek poet and her friend. And the poet is Sappho, so it’s no surprise that passion is as omnipresent as the power politics of slave ownership and family intrigues.” -T.E. Lyons, LEO Weekly Magazine

“The art is absolutely remarkable. This is a series that demands your full attention.” -Megan Rose Gedris, creator of YU+ME, I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space

“This is a series NOT to be missed!” -CURVE Magazine, June 2008

“3-D graphics, lesbian romance and political intrigue all add up to make this projected nine volume historical graphic novel series really unique.”, books for LGBT Teens

Pam Harrison is an award winning graphic novelist with more than twenty years experience in the industry. Pam was born in Hammond, Indiana and studied Fine Arts at Western Kentucky University. The idea for her award winning series The House of the Muses was conceived during her college career. Pam and her partner currently reside in Radcliff, Kentucky. More about her series at House of Muses.

January 4, 2010
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