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New Comics From Boy Meets Hero Creators!

New comics from Avery & Garcia at Boy Meets Hero Comics!
From Chayne Avery and Russell Garcia, the creators of the webcomic and graphic novel “Boy Meets Hero” comes a funny new series, “Zane & Tyler”! Available as a digital comic and in print too.
Zane and Tyler are best friends… actually, they’re insanely great friends. They live together, work together, hang out together, do everything together. Well… almost everything! Chuckle at Zane and Tyler’s geeky hijinks while searching for love, comics, and trouble… especially trouble! (Suggested for mature readers.)
Also available now in print and digital formats is “Blue Comet and Fusion: Titanna Strikes!”, the 32 page follow up to “Boy Meets Hero”. This is a “special edition” version of the three-part digital comic that was originally released in 2008, now featuring newly enhanced art and colors.
What happens when a 50 ft. tall super villainess attacks beautiful Golden Bay City and then ensnares all the male superheroes in her deadly gaze? Well it’s up to Blue Comet and Fusion, the city’s famed gay heroes and power-couple, to save the day!
Visit the Boy Meets Hero website for more details and links to buy the comics!
March 7, 2015
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