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Nata & Jisa

By Ronald Byrd

Renata da Lima (Nata) is a young Brazilian mutant whose parents force her to leave home out of fear that she will be killed by anti-mutant bigots if she remains. Finding a job as a bouncer at a Rio de Janeiro nightclub, Nata befriends a girl named Jisa, who has been thrown out by her parents because of her involvement with gang member Laolo. When Jisa becomes pregnant, Laolo assumes that she will get an abortion; unwilling to do so, Jisa leaves him. Nata takes Jisa under her wing and supports her during her pregnancy, and it is implied that the two girls become lovers. When last seen, Nata was single-handedly fighting Laolo and his gang on her way home from work, and it may be presumed that she triumphed and returned to Jisa.

Nata has super-dense skin and bones as hard as steel, granting her enhanced strength, stamina, and resistance to injury. She is also a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Jisa has no superhuman powers.

Nata and Jisa appeared in Muties #4 (2002). Created by Karl Boeller and Trent Kanuiga. Art by Kanuiga, Andrew Hennessy, abnd J D Smith.

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