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Contributed by Fernando de Paula

Mirza was born in Cracóvia with the name Mirela Zamanova. Her entire family was decimated because of an ancient legend that says that one daughter of a family without a male first born would become victim of a curse.

She became a vampire after suffering  sexual abuse. She married with a man of advanced age because of debt, but killed him during the honeymoon. Mirza left her country and changed her name. Afterwards, she became a famous top model, rich and high society member and an important figure in their parties. Mirza chose Brazil to be her permanent home, but she travels around the world searching for adventures, hunting for the blood that keep her alive and constantly young. Her butler Brooks, an old and short hunchback man, is her loyal follower, admirer and accomplice. Both have committed several crimes and almost without leaving any clues.

Eugênio Colonnese created Mirza in 1967. Her stories had highly erotic content for their time. She was harassed by many men and women that trying come closer, making love promises, sexual propositions, and even forced attempts to have sex, but she always (or in the most of times) interrupted that tentative killing the pretender by drinking his or her blood.

Mirza had many affairs and flirtations with men. In three of her stories, even at that time, had the harassment of women that approached to try seduced her. In “Bird’s Orgy” (“Orgia Das Aves”) she was invited to a wealthy businessman’s party, where the women in animal costumes were to be hunted by men in an erotic and sexual game. However, one of the girls named Claudia, who had invited Mirza, approached Mirza before any of the men and declares be very attracted for her. During a party in “Mirza’s Birthday” (“O Aniversario De Mirza”) Mirza attracted several men in order to kill them. She does so in her huge garden, leaving Brooks to bury them at the bottom of the pool. Another guest named Dalila goes after Mirza and declares herself in love with her. Dalila finds her death at Mirza’s hands, too.

In “Tea For Two Girls” (“Chá Para Duas”), Brooks leaves to take a vacation. Due to his concern for Mirza, Brooks contracts the services of a young girl through a newspaper ad. However, he does not notice that it isn’t just domestic services, but also intimate company and services of an escort that the girl offers. The servant/escort girl named Giovanna, had the practice of seducing and then killing her clients during the sex act so she could steal their possessions. She committed her last mistake by attempting this routine with Mirza.

In Sanguinary – Mirza Must Die (2021) “Sanguinária – Mirza Tem Que Morrer”, Mirza is fiercely hunted by the vampire hunter Sanguinária (created by Reginaldo Carlota) when at a certain moment, in a truce, after a brutal fight, Mirza , for the first time, takes the first step and flirts with the hunter when she says: “- You’re very pretty girl, in other circumstances we could even be friends, or something more!”

Mirza first appeared in 1967 in the pages of Mirza, a Mulher Vampiro. Created by Eugênio Colonnese.

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November 23, 2021
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