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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Mindf*ck was a very powerful telepath who was a member of the Super-Homeys superhero team.  Due to the discomfort caused to her by the “background noise” of too many minds in close proximity, Mindf*ck lived on Joint Superteam Space Station #3, known as the “D10”, supervising access to the teleportation portal network.

When she was younger, Mindf*ck was victimized by her psychotic older brother, who was also a telepath.  He mind-controlled her into gouging out her own eyes and cutting out her own tongue, so that she would be forced to rely more heavily on her telepathic abilities.  In his own twisted way, her brother was doing this out of “love” for her, to make her a stronger telepath.  She was saved and her brother was stopped before she was forced to mutilate herself any further.  Mindf*ck was given a special visor that allows her to see, and in the event that it is damaged, she could “piggyback” on other people’s senses in order to see–this is also how she experienced tastes, since she no longer has a tongue.

Terrified of becoming like her brother, Mindf*ck used her powers on herself, editing her own personality in order to make herself more noble and selfless, and deleting any personality traits that could lead to her turning into a sociopath.Mindf*ck developed a romantic relationship with fellow Super-Homey, Sistah Spooky, which they kept hidden from their teammates.  In fact many of their trysts took place in telepathic mindscapes, as opposed to real physical encounters, to help maintain their secrecy.  The relationship eventually ended due to Spooky’s insecurities, as well as her irrational hatred of beautiful blondes due to childhood traumas.  Despite the break-up the two women still cared about each other very much, and maintained a friendship which Mindf*ck hoped would eventually turn back into a romance.

Mindf*ck was one of the few Super-Homeys to befriend the often-abused associate member Emp, and treated her with respect unlike most of their teammates.  Emp was the only person she confided in about her relationship with Spooky–which did not go over well with Spooky, since she was one of Emp’s main detractors (another victim of Spooky’s anti-blonde issues).

Mindf*ck met her tragic end when the evil fire elemental Willy Pete destroyed the D10 space station during a failed Super-Homey attempt to capture the villain.  Mindf*ck and Emp were stuck aboard the D10 when Willy Pete caused catostrophic damage, destroying communications and the primary teleportation system, and knocking the station out of orbit so that it was starting to burn up in the atmosphere.  The emergency back-up teleportation escape portal only had enough power for one person, so Mindf*ck sacrificed herself to save Emp; she telepathically took control over Emp’s motor functions and forced her to use the portal.  Once Emp was back on Earth she alerted Spooky of Mindf*ck’s peril, but Spooky arrived 3 seconds too late to save her.  Mindf*ck died while in telepathic contact with Spooky, telling Spooky that she loved her, and not to blame herself for Mindf*ck’s death.

Even beyond the grave Mindf*ck’s impact continues to be felt; an inspirational “posthumumessage” she pre-recorded for her monument in the Super-Homey cemetary gave Emp an idea on how to defeat a supervillain.  A part of her also lives on in the form of a telepathic echo of herself that she wove into Spooky’s memories months before she died.  This memory-fragment recreation of herself can interact with Spooky, but is unaware of anything that happened after Mindf*ck programmed her…including her own death.

Mindf*ck first appeared in Empowered vol 4. Please note the character’s name is censored by Warren, so the style is followed here.

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