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Mike S. Miller Eye Candy

Some gay and gay friendly comics fans may still recall the name of artist Mike S. Miller. Miller was known for sharing his traditional Christian beliefs about homosexuality in various online forums. As one of the suits for the defunct publisher Alias, Miller required and freelancer whose work appeared in Alias’ line of comics to sign a contract that included the terms he or she would not create comics with adult/ erotic content. Miller disappeared after Alias shuttered, though he may have been employed as a sales rep for Wowio or in another position. After a second vanishing act, Miller resurfaced in what seems to me the most unlikely of places, as a fill in artist on The Authority, home to Apollo and Midnighter. Hell did not freeze over nor was heaven rent asunder if only because the gay superhero couple weren’t in either issue, it was certainly a surprise to find Miller’s name attached to mainstream project.

While Miller didn’t have the opportunity to draw either Midnighter or Apollo, you might enjoy the following sample of his art from Authority #22 and #23. Mind, there were a fair number of similar instances with female characters, but you can look for the comics if you want to check that out.

A couple of old Rich Johnston’s Lying In The Gutters columns mentioning incidents involving Miller are still up. Read Pinklisted and Pinklasting .

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