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Michael Egan vs Bryan Singer

News of Michael Egan’s law suit alleging that X-Men and Superman Returns director Bryan Singer of sexual abuse against him at the age of 17 at several locations and times is all over the Internet. Many people have been quick to take one of several positions on the matter from which to comment on the matter. Some believe Egan’s suit is baseless and its timing in light of the upcoming X-Men movie release is simply suspicious and 15 years after the alleged abuse is seen as a red flag by many, leading to the conclusion that Egan is out for big money. Others side with Egan. stating that sexually abused people do not always come forward in the days or even weeks following such acts. Another group, who may or may not think Egan’s suit is legitimate, point out Singer’s obsession with young twink as evidence possibly damning the director. Looking at the same articles about and photos of Singer and twinks, some people think Egan should’ve known better. How could Egan let himself be abused more than once? Why didn’t his parents stop the abuse from continuing? That Egan was a plaintiff in a similar suit over 10 years ago against an associate of Singer, which led to the man’s incarceration, seems to be interpreted in the court of public opinion more or less equally as circumstantial evidence of Singer’s guilt and Egan as gold digger. Even the cancellation of Singer’s Wonder Con events and the revelation of Egan’s involvement in a documentary on sexual abuse victims are subject of speculation.

Three things I know. We don’t yet know the truth of what did or did not happen. We may never know the complete truth. As readers of comics and fiction in general we seem to have been trained by both writers and ourselves to solve a mystery before the writer decides to tell us or to fill in the gaps of plots and character motivation. Is the latter affecting the former for some of us? Maybe it’s the case with myself. Lastly, Hollywood scandals and the attempts to cover them up are nothing new. Cartoonist Rick Geary did an interesting story about the death of actor/ director William Desmond Taylor in his Famous Players graphic novel.
Famous Players: The Mysterious Death of William Desmond Taylor (Treasury of XXth Century Murder)

If Singer is guilty of the suit’s allegations then Singer should pay the consequences for reprehensible actions. If Egan’s claim is based on manufactured lies then he should be held accountable as well. Let’s hope justice prevails in either case.

March 7, 2015
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