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Meraki – The Adventure With Gay Heroes & Greek Gods

Meraki’s epic fantasy adventure story returns! Follow Psi’s dark journey as she battles demi-gods and mythical creatures! Created by mighty Gods, the world of Balen teems with sea-creatures, dragons, and genetic-hybrids. Echoes of the Gods’ own characteristics infuse the races of this land. The goddess Athena introduced genetically enhanced humans into this realm nearly two centuries ago. These second generation humans had to learn their place in this world or were soon parted from it.

The story so far…
[Spoiler Alert] Psi and her team make their way through the barren land of Balen towards a mandatory celebration of Zeus. When the team runs out of water they are forced to a nearby village of Jupinar. Lead by a small child the team’s only hope lays in a broken hydro-well on the outskirts of the village. Psi watches in horror as an attacking group of Marauders destroys the well and the leader claims the child now belongs to him.

Psi has already outwitted her patron god Ares in her mission to descend to Hades and obtain the blood of the Titan Cronus! Will her wits and cunning protect her and her team?

Not sure if Meraki is for you? Well, we will give you the digital download of our first stand-alone story! Click here to download Meraki: Descent to the Underworld.

May 27, 2020
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